Counselling Services

Compass is a charity that does not receive any
NHS funding. To meet the needs of our local
community we offer a range of services.

Call us today on 0151 237 3993 for more information about our services.

Why come for counselling?

We all experience issues at different stages in our lives. Experiences such as bereavement and loss, relationship and family difficulties, and stresses at home or work can all have an impact. Being able to get the right support can be really important. Compass has developed the following range of services:

Community Counselling

We offer an introductory appointment normally within 12 weeks of referral so that together we can see if we are the right service for you and so we can answer any queries you may have. An affordable donation will be agreed with you at your appointment.Your counselling sessions are usually weekly and last for 50 minutes.

Compass Counselling

Counselling for You (CFY)

Compass also provides counselling to individuals that are able to pay for their therapy. This is in addition to our Community Counselling Service and is a way to access our counselling services without waiting. 

Counselling for You

Counselling for Employees of Companies and Organisations who Have a Contract with Us

If your workplace has a contract with us they will have arranged to fund a set number of counselling sessions for you. Counselling takes place away from the workplace at our City Centre offices, or remotely via telephone or video.

Counselling for Employees of Companies and Organisations who Have a Contract with Us

Counselling for Companies and Organisations

Compass offers flexible counselling for employers so that you can set up easy to access counselling for your staff that meets your requirements.

Support for Employers