Information for Employers

Compass offers flexible contracts for employers, so that you
can organise counselling for your staff, that meets
your requirements.

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Compass offers flexible counselling for employers so that you can set up easy to access counselling for your staff that meets your requirements.

Employee Assistance counselling offers the employer a service that is valued by employees, and has the potential for savings by reducing sickness absence.  In addition Employee Assistance Counselling takes pressure off Managers through the availability of a constructive means of dealing with difficulties a member of staff may be experiencing.  It also contributes to your reputation as a caring employer.

All Compass counsellors are qualified, and either registered or accredited by the British Association for Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP) and as members are required to adhere to their Ethical Framework regarding professional standards and good practice.

Counselling takes place away from the workplace at either our City Centre offices, or via telephone or video appointment. Appointments are available 10am-4pm Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, till 7pm on Wednesdays and 10am - 3pm on Fridays.

We are required to work within BACP guidelines regarding confidentiality and we understand that respecting client’s privacy and confidentiality is a fundamental requirement for keeping trust and valuing client autonomy. Information that is passed on to you the employer therefore usually relates only to the initial referral and to client’s attendance at sessions and invoicing processes. We can discuss our needs fully with you as part of our contracting process to ensure it fits your requirements.


workers suffered with workplace stress, depression or anxiety in 2016-17

12.5 million

days lost from work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2016-17

1 in 6.8

experienced mental health problems in the workplace

£8 billion

this is how much better mental health support can save UK businesses each year

An initial assessment to determine the levels of distress and specific issues that the client wishes to deal with in therapy will be conducted.
The assessment would include:

PHQ9 – Psychological Health Questionnaire

This assesses depression levels.

GAD7 – General Anxiety Disorder

This assesses levels of anxiety.

These measures are taken during and at the end to monitor the effectiveness of therapy. Our current working alliances with workplaces evidence how useful therapy has proven to be for its employees. There is evidence to support counselling helping to accelerate the rehabilitation of an absent employee. Our Employee Assistance counsellors are experienced in delivering time-limited therapy to users.

Please contact us today on 0151 237 3993 to discuss how we may be able to help your employees.

“This is my 2nd visit to Compass, you have again helped me work things out. Don’t change your service because it works.”