Compass Trustees

We are looking for people from varied backgrounds
to bring their work/life experience and skills to enhance
our board of trustees.
If you feel you could offer up to a day per month
to Compass, we would love to hear from you.

Call us today on 0151 237 3993 for more information about our services.

Being a Trustee

Our trustees are vital in helping Compass to be accountable, efficient, effective and creative. The trustees work closely with the Director and the Compass team to ensure we provide high quality services to meet the current needs of our clients and plan for the future mental health needs of the local community.

Guy Turnbull - Chair of Trustees

I am very proud indeed to be a member of the Compass community.  I first volunteered as a student counsellor in 2015 and chose Compass because of its work, making counselling available to people regardless of income.  Inspired by the positive outcomes that our clients achieve, I wanted to make a greater contribution and volunteered to be a trustee and use my skills to guide and support the development of our counselling services.

David Ashton - Company Secretary

Hello – I joined Compass in 2015 when I retired after 38 years working for the Health and Safety Executive. I am not a counsellor, but I like to be able to help with general business matters.  These are critically important as we work to put Compass onto a strong footing for the future, in challenging financial times.

Lee Marriott - Treasurer

Like David, I too am not a counsellor.  My background is in international taxation and as a result of a financial background, I was elected treasurer after I had joined as a trustee.  Much as I am enjoying my role at Compass I would still rather be scuba diving!

Colin Davies

I have a commitment to supporting mental health services due to my experience of supporting a family member who has a mental health disability.  I have recently retired from my role as Director of Estate at Liverpool John Moores University and wish to assist Compass Counselling Services by utilising my wide range of skills and abilities, particularly with regard to strategic planning, financial management, innovation and marketing.

Could you be a trustee?

“Taking on the role of Company Secretary at Compass has been rewarding as it has enabled me to use my existing skills and expertise in a new way to support the charity and the team at Compass. It has been good to take on this specific trustee role and I have really appreciated the training that Compass provided to underpin this”

David - Company Secretary