By 12th March 2020 Uncategorised

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak (Covid 19) we would like to reassure all of our client’s that we at Compass are taking all precautions necessary in line with the government’s guidance.

The government’s guidance can be found at if you require further information.

We are following the guidance which is at present to “Catch it, bin it, kill it”.  We have looked to improve our hand hygiene, and surface cleaning in light of the virus.

At present, Compass is running at normal capacity and intends to do so, however as you can appreciate if things change, we may have to adapt accordingly. If the office for instance has to close in due course, we will let our client’s know and we will post regarding the same on here, and on our Twitter feed.

If you have any concerns regarding attending your appointments, then please feel free to contact ourselves to discuss in confidence.