By 10th April 2020 Uncategorised

For most of us Easter this year will be different to what we normally do due to the restrictions currently in place, whether you usually have all the family round for an Easter egg hunt and Sunday lunch or a trip to your local place of worship.  However whilst it may not be the Easter we all thought it would be, we can still enjoy this time together (virtually by Zoom maybe!).

Easter egg hunts can still take place indoors, or out in the garden if you have one, if you haven’t been able to get to the shops for the chocolate eggs how about making your own with little playful games for the kids?


There are always some good films around to take you mind off what is happening in the world, or how about baking some delicious Easter treats like hot cross buns or crispy cakes ? We all feel a bit brighter don’t we with a smells of freshly baked cakes coming out of the kitchen, not to mention it may help with keeping those kids amused.


Easter and spring are great times for getting crafty, kids will often be used to making Easter bonnets at this time of year, so why not continue this during lockdown and give the kids a bit of normality.  They can still do their Easter bonnet parade with their friends it may just be contained to the living room and virtually passed around via Facebook or WhatsApp. There are many other ideas for spring craft out there so let’s get creative – how about crocheting a quilt?